Promote your projects and attract your investors

Advertise your development projects portfolio and allow our artificially intelligent engine display the right and concise information to your potential investors.

Your benefits

Smarter and better business decisions rely on accurate and independent property market intelligence.


Smarter decisions

Get unbiased detailed analysis of the property market and individual properties that you can rely on to deliver investment-grade offers that meet your market needs.


As you are building the next communities, our smart features will extend your reach to offer the extra information they need to make that final decision.


Complement your properties portfolio with real-time market information

Our Artificial intelligence engine was designed to assess the critically relevant market information to ensure your offers are responsive to market dynamics. Harness the power of extended information that was built with reliability, flexibility and usability in mind.

How it works

As developers, your projects can transform the market and attract more investors by sharing the information that matters.

1. Informed strategy through AI and Data Points

Benchmark prices and track property performance in your market and decide what will be the right packages to offer to your investors and buyers. Decide on the right mixed use of your development project based on the detailed reports created for your locations and areas.

2. Automated investment appraisals for each listing

Our models use ML algorithms for ever increasing objectivity, consistency and accuracy of estimations. Our in-depth data and automated property appraisal system will give you a vital tool to understand more about each individual residential property and its market. This allows you to better tailor the sales pitch to potential buyers / investors. Each listing generated allows you to showcase on our platform the property's investment performance directly to investors.

3. Value your portfolio

Developers have significant equity portfolios in their balance sheet. VettedProperty services provide unit by unit value estimation for your entire stock, plus additional analytics if required. These would inform the annual book valuations for reporting purposes. VettedProperty assessment is quicker and more cost-effective than through surveying. Using our market-leading Automated Valuation Model (AVM), we deliver a confidence and credibility level with each and every estimation.

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"The reliability and flexibility plus real type market information allowed me to differentiate my portfolio to that of others. Would recommend."

The first of it’s kind - artificially intelligent, data-driven, automated and unbiased investment focused platform for the Real Estate Sector.

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